Monday, September 14, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Good Day, Friends.

How are you?

Thanks for coming to visit me when you feel like it. I surely do appreciate your support. I've been torturing myself for a few months now, trying to answer that Fateful Eternal Question: To Blog or not to Blog? Yes, my friends, it's a question we must each confront at one time or another. We may try to run from it; we may seek to evade it; we may try to deny it, yet still, it lingers on the doorstep of our Frantically Overloaded minds. For within this question lurks the Greatest Queries inherent in our existence. Who Am I? What Am I doing here? Does anybody else besides me CARE what I'm doing here? How can I get more people to care what I am doing? How can I get my own reality show based on my absolutely fascinating experiences?

How many people are blogging their little hearts out today? I do not know, but I would imagine it's probably like, maybe, 35 or 36 people. It seems presumptuous to ask that you choose to follow my version of reality over theirs, but I ask all the same. For in this blog I will chronicle the Adventures of Ellen (subheading: "My Lukewarm Attempts to Live a Spiritual Life"), and, in so doing, I plan to set all of humanity free from the chains of Limited Thinking. If this is not possible I am at least going to get y'all a really nice book of coupons for stuff you use every day. So stick with me, and one way or another I'm going to add some serious value to your life.

My Incredibly Self-Actualized Super-Spiritual Thought for the Day: Be Good and Do Good Things for Other People if You Happen to Think About it. Ciao!

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