Friday, October 9, 2009

Me and Abraham Hicks, Part 2

Hey All You Freaky Seekers Out There, This One's for You!

The phrase above just whisked me back to the television of my childhood, old Budweiser commercials from the late seventies to early eighties. "Here's to you/For all you do/This Bud's for you!" It was a catchy little song, and then you got to see a lot of cowboys and construction workers and other aspirational archetypes working up a sweat and then bonding with beer away from their womenfolk, happy as clams. (By the way, what's up with that expression? Why is the clam reputed to be so happy?)

Boy, I am REALLY tempted right now to go off on some more appropriate images to go with that song for a new Budweiser campaign (Man drunkenly beats Baby Mama, gets DUI, discovers Inner Child through 12 step meetings) but that is not what I promised you for today. No, for today I promised you "Abraham and Your Feelings." And that's what you're going to get, so quit your whining, you tangential little buggers. Remember, there's no crying in baseball, and there's no crying in Spiritual Awakening, either. Wellllll. . . okay, there IS some crying, from time to time, but as long as you're truly ashamed of yourself, God will look the other way.

As I was sharing with you the other day, Abraham is a non-physical collective of vibrational beings who choose to vibrate together for the purpose of communicating with us. Mostly they do this through their self-titled collection of books presented by Esther and Jerry Hicks, which you can find on Amazon or at (No, I am not receiving kickbacks from Abraham or the Hickses--yet--but I am certainly open to any and all offers to sell my soul, so please email if interested) So, apparently, some of us made a deal with Abraham to get together in this lifetime, so they could remind us of stuff that we had forgotten, but they remember. And we knew we might forget, so before we came we made this deal so we'd be reminded about forgetting, something something something, we are all extension of God, reality-creating machines. Something like that.

In their series of books, talks, and seminars on the Law of Attraction, the group of folks who make up Abraham keep harping on two points. The first is the absolute absoluteness of the Law of Attraction, Like can only get together with Like. And the second is the absolute reliability of our perfect guidance system, our emotional GPS. We each come with this Onstar-type GPS system built into our mainframe, and hence we can always tell, moment to moment, what type of reality we are manufacturing. When we feel good, we are attracting good things--and more specifically, good things according to our PERSONAL definition of what is good. So, for example, you might feel good when you are are attracting a solution for putting shoes on Argentinian orphans, and I might feel good when I am attracting a supersale at Designer Shoe Warehouse. That's one thing about the Law of Attraction that I really appreciate. It's not all preachy and judgmental.

According to Abraham, when we feel bad, it's because feeling bad is SUPPOSED to feel bad. We feel bad because we are giving our attention to something that is not the Truth of Our Being. Specifically, we are giving our attention to an aspect of something that does not please us. And we can tell the difference; we can FEEL the difference. "Little kids in Argentina without shoes." That feels bad. "TOM's Shoes gives a free pair to a little kid in Argentina every time I buy a pair of shoes!" This feels good. See? Now you can start practicing for yourself!

And once you do, boy, things get interesting. This whole very weird shift starts to happen. You start to realize that it's ALL you, it's ALL your perspective. And you can't help noticing when you are looking at something or someone, and thinking, "I don't like you. I would like you to be different so that I can enjoy observing you." You start to look for things you do like. You start to look like your life depends on it. Which, in fact, it does.

How ya like them apples?

Awakened Masters Agree: All is Well, So Just Accept Goodness, Damnit!

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